Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's In The Dailiness

When Jeff and I renewed our vows last year, after twenty years of marriage, we both knew what the ceremony meant.

It wasn't about celebrating the past. There's a lot to look back on and smile about, but there's also been times in those twenty years that neither one of us would want to relive, ever.

We weren't thinking about the future, either. Don't get me wrong; Jeff and I are committed to living out our days on earth together, for "as long as we both shall live."

We renewed our vows without a great deal of hindsight or forethought. Instead, the meaning of "to have and to hold from this day forward" during our renewal ceremony really centered around two words: this day.

We've learned we need to live, and to love, this day. Today. From the moment we wake up until we lie back down again, we're the only spouses in the entire world for each other. Daily attention to that fact has changed our marriage.

This blog will be a diary of what those changes look like. Sometimes the work is hard, and the process hurts. Other times it's fun, or beautiful, or both. When the day ends, we both agree; no matter what changes we've made, whether in attitude or action, it has always been worthwhile.

Though this change has come in the dailiness of our lives, it is never mundane. The journey is exciting. We're reconstructing us.


  1. Only your first post, and already your words minister to me!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Tracy! I'm excited to share on your journey.